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Mar 25, 2018

How is networking working out for you? Is it NET-Working or NOT-Working?

Let's look at Network'in'g...
1. How do you choose the NETWORK? 2. Are you using the NET? 3. How 'IN' are you when you are there? 4. Are you looking for WORK, making it work and working the room 5. G is for GO. Do you?

1. How do you choose the NETWORK?

By location, venue, time of day/day of week, food, size of group, group leader, format, your friends go? Is that because it's comfortable, easy, fits 'around your life'... or is it truly the best for your business?
2. Are you using the NET?
- Before (to connect and arrange meetings to maximise time, cost and travel)
- During (with live video and check ins) to promote to your network that you are there and 'IN' your business
- After to keep in touch and carry on the conversation to build relationships, be remembered and actually do business!
3. How 'IN' are you when you are there?
Are you fully present, enjoying it, participating positively and maximising on time and opportunities; or are you distracted, moaning and thinking about work/kids/home? Are you ALL IN for that time or just NETworking and NOTworking) - people can tell!
4. Are you looking for WORK, making it work and working the room to speak to everyone, or is it a social event? Whichever it is - is right for you! So work out your TRUE intention, needs and required outcome and bloody ENJOY it and MAKE IT WORK!
5. G is for GO. Do you?
How often do you 'bump off' this important part of your business development strategy (no sales, no business) for something 'essential', too busy, 'actual work', can't afford it or can't be bothered!
Do you commit and cancel, or just turn up sporadically and expect business and referrals?
What does this say to others about your commitment, determination, organisational skills, financial success, coping capability and general trustworthyness?
Is that the lasting first and ongoing impression you want to give?
Ask yourself these questions, really look at what you're currently doing and make sure it is actually what you want and need for yourself and your business.  
She-Enjoys isn't classed as a networking event, it is so much more! It's personal development, a safe space for support, advanced business skills and mindset mastery, transformational, enjoyable, fun and truly life changing. We get this feedback EVERY DAY from attendees!
When you have large groups of woman coming when they want to, they are fully IN! Women sharing their truth, their challenges, their wins and their TRUE selves... VERY strong relationships and connections are formed and built upon for enjoyable and lucrative collaborations. Support, partnerships and successful, sustainable business... Isn't that the point of networking?
Book now and come along and have the She-Enjoys experience to realise the full JOY and SUCCESS of connected networking.

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