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THE Supportive community for motivated women in business to grow, learn & thrive

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We're regularly asked questions about booking and attending our events, if your answer isn't here, do get in touch!

+-Is She-Enjoys just a networking group?

She-Enjoys is not JUST  another women's only local networking group! 

The unique expert education speaker slot, meeting theme and round the table group coaching guided by qualifed coaches means that you get alot for £20 (and did we mention cake?) 

She-Enjoys is a 'non-competing', much loved, safe, supportive educational and inspirational organisation, leading the way for female entrepreneurs and career minded women who are serious about success in life and business. There are no industry lockouts, no membership fees or forced attendance. You book, pay and attend - simple!

Networking and alliance formulation will naturally happen where you have up to 30 friendly, professional, business orientated women meeting regularly through the She-Grows Coffee, Cake & Coaching mornings and She-Learns Education days.

She-Enjoys provides training, group coaching, support and personal development; holding events and Education Days with experts, a proven structure, expert trainers and food. Quality time to really understand the gaps in your skills and business, and help other attendees with their blocks, fears and challenges too. A real way to create a supportive and collaborative, safe, improvement environment. 

+-What is it all about?

THE Supportive community for motivated women in business to grow, learn & thrive...

Created by a female entrepreneur, Author, NLP Master Mind-shift Coach, Trainer and Master NLP Practitioner, Vivienne Joy for women like you (and her)  to gain easy access to high level training, development, coaching, support and mentoring. A 'person to person' and 'expert to person' support resource that is affordable and local to you.

She-Grows is basically a Group coaching session with like minded business women, with an expert speaker, coffee and cake all rolled in to one awesome morning for just £20!

Attendees book online and attend events in person, to connect and get access to usually expensive expert speakers. These hand chosen, world-class experts do the study, qualifying and legwork to deliver their knowledge and experiences to us in areas of life and business that are continually changing. We gain skills and knowledge to be happier, more confident, super successful and to enjoy life and business and we create strong bonds with a fabulously supportive peer group.

+-Why Come?

It can be pretty lonely when you run a business (successful or otherwise), or have a position of authority in your career, especially if you are a remote/home worker. Most small business owners/managers are the doers, as well as the sales manager, marketeer, finance manager, staff finder, customer service giver and everything else to keep it going!

Just because you are good at what you do, doesn't mean you have ALL of the expert skills and latest techniques and knowledge to be super successful in the business you passionately strive to grow, gain profit from... and enjoy.

She-Enjoys brings you the help and management training you need, without paying a business coach or mentor, or going on expensive, far away overnight training courses with complete strangers and not knowing if the experts are actually going to deliver what you personally need for YOU and YOUR business!

Through She- Grows , She-Thrives and She-Learns, you get to work with local women and expert trainers/educators/coaches and mentors, hand picked and tried and tested. Forget sitting in a classroom, you are interactive, your challenges and experiences are valued and solved. You leave supported, inspired, motivated and full of lovely food and drink. Any She-Enjoys experience is a warm sense of self improvement, belonging and 'thank god I'm normal and can ask people for help!' (this is what attendees say, not us).

We provide what you tell us you need. This is the community for you!

+-Who can attend a She-Enjoys event?

Any career minded woman, personal development orientated female, or business owner from anywhere is welcome. If you like the sound of an event and believe it will offer you new information, education, skills, support, expertise, business collaborations, suppliers, clients, friends, or just to have a great day out of your business, job or life with like minded ladies; then we welcome you with open arms.

We are not a scripted, boring, stuffy organisation, nor do we enforce singing, clapping or dancing like some women's only events/groups (not knocking them, as some of them can be fun). We're serious business women, who know the power of collaboration.

+-Why aren't men included?

Much of the time men and women think and behave differently regarding their own development and the challenges brought to them by business.

We hear women complaining of men wanting to solve their problems, rather than listening and supporting, not allowing them to reach their own conclusions and answers.

We found through asking female business owners what was appealing about women only events and groups, that they felt more relaxed in the Company of like minded women and were more likely to express their emotions, fears and beliefs around a table - allowing them to feel a sense of support and 'being understood'. This is our group coaching hour of power, it's where the magic happens for individuals and where deep level relationships are formed.

With this space to explore their own thinking and feeling, women are connected emotionally to the plans and decisions and strategies created - which means they are more likely to experience long lasting results and a feeling of relaxed well being when they leave an event.

+-Are different industries restricted like in some 'networking groups'?

No is the simple answer. No restrictions or 'lock outs', or expectation to refer or pass business or attend every month. We are NOT a membership group. You pay as you go with us, we only want people at our events that truly want to get invoved. 

What happens on a She-Enjoys event, stays with the attendees, it is highly confidential and non-competing! We believe there is enough business to go around and that alliances can be formed without competition. She-Enjoys has the objective of personal development of skills, beliefs and confidence to improve the business of it's owner, therefore every woman is welcome. We are all unique individuals and we all need support no matter what our career or business choice.

+-What is a She-Grows Event?

At 10am women arrive to socialise and network for a 10.30am start (we understand you have children, life and traffic to contend with).

You'll work with a group of 4 ladies for the day in a group coaching style and meet many others during the coffee and cake break. You will openly discuss your challenges, experiences, wins and concerns around the business day theme in your group, with at least 15 minutes each to feel fully heard and understood. This is a high energy process, sometimes with laughter and tears - how often does somebody actively listen to you, rather than listen to answer?!

A chosen business or personal development expert delivers an intuitive 30 minute talk on the theme to provide new insight and skills to you and your business.

We all eat cake, before getting back into groups to create a solutions based strategy with a Coach expertly guiding and assisting you with specific theme based coaching questions - essentially using the learnings from the training, the expert advice and suggestions of the other members and your renewed creativity and passion from focussing on your business whilst NOT in it!

At 12.30 pm you will be told about future events and are welcome to stay and socialise and network with the members. BOOK HERE

Also, FREE to join is the active and inspirational She-Enjoys... Business Facebook support group to keep in touch with people you have met and network online with those you have yet to meet.

+-What is She-Thrives?

We quickly realised that some people were hungry for MORE of the experts time, wanted more group coaching, needed accountability mid month... Wanted a business coach and a life coach, but didn't want to pay fees for one on one time.

By committing to the She-Thrives intensive one year coaching, networking, mentoring and education programme, you become a member of 'The Thrive Tribe'... One of just 20 personally selected and accepted business women who work as a group for one day a month, for a full 12 months. These are intensive, life changing, transformational full days (10-5 with lunch) with brought in experts and your trusted tribe members.

These 12 Saturdays throughout the year are powerful on their own, so when you add a mid-month 30 minute one to one mentoring and coaching call by your coach AND FREE attendance to the She-Grows mornings, it is a powerful combination... All this for just £127 per month!

Apply today on the contact us page and we will be in touch to make sure we are right for you and you are right for the group.

+-What is a She-Learns Education Day?

By popular demand, attendees of the She-Grows days wanted more of the expert from the group workshop, they wanted to go deeper into the topic and learn everything there is to know, amongst a local group of friendly like minded women.

So, your wish is your command, whatever you need to fill a skill gap is available. A whole day of being educated and working practically on your business and the theme for the day, with the expert to help you implement and create a strategy.

This is an intensive day with amazing results for attendees.

Arrive at 9.30 for a 10am start, bring nothing but an open, learning and doing focussed mind and make lasting changes to your life and business. You will be working in a larger group and as an individual to learn new skills and expertise for your life and business.

The day finishes at 5pm and lunch is provided (chosen on the day). Spaces are limited, so early booking is recommended.

+-Why a whole day, that's a long time to be out of my business?

It is a long time, and it is absolutely invaluable to YOU and YOUR BUSINESS. Sometimes, you need to stop being in your business, take a step back to work ON yourself and your business/career to see things with clarity, from the eyes of your target market, industry experts and clients - learn what you don't even know, that you don't know about ways to make it easier and more successful to have a thriving business and work/life balance.

You are your business... by developing you, you are improving your business and your life.

There is only so much in the way of advice, ideas, support, education and inspiration you can get from your friends, family or partner. She-Enjoys brings together like minded women, who actively listen, share their experiences and bring ideas and inspiration to your world. Collaborations and friendships are made, for life. After all, you are the sum total of the people you hang around with! Come and hang out with us, we're awesome!

+-Can I visit any She-Enjoys event, different locations and in the same month?

Yes, subject to availability, you are very welcome to attend as many, anywhere and as often as you like. You book what you need for you and your business!

+-Can I bring friends and will I be thanked?

We always welcome more awesome women to our events. We know your guest will love our She-Enjoys events and so if she comes, you'll get a VERY special thank you gift presented at the next meeting! 

This is your community and tribe - bring those you want to be closely involved with.

+-How much does it cost to attend an event?
  • She-Grows Coffee, Cake & Coaching mornings are just £20 per person.
  • She-Learns Expert Education Days are £67 per person. 
  • She-Thrives one year transformational change programme is £127 per month for 12 months. 

If you book ANY 3 She-Grows events, anywhere, you get a FREE 30 minute coaching call with one of our coaches as a thank you for your commitment to the community and yourself (Total payable 3 x £20 = £60)

BOOK HERE There is no limit to how many meetings/days/events you can book and attend. All include food and refreshements.

+-How do I book and pay?

When you are on our website, viewing the event you would like to attend - CLICK the blue button of the event that says BOOK. You will be taken to a page inviting you to create a FREE profile and account log in. This is essential for our system to remember you and feature you on the attendee list and FREE directory.

Once you have created a profile, you will need to book. You will be taken to our payment gateway provider (PayPal or GoCardless). You can either pay with PayPal, or enter your credit/debit card details as you would with any other website to pay. YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT to book.

You should then receive an email receipt. You will also appear on the event attendee list and will be added to the She-Enjoys... Business Facebook Group if you are on Facebook (this can take up to 48 hours).

You will receive a welcome email nearer to the event, with lots of information for you, so that you feel prepared and happy prior to arriving.

Each time you want to book an event, you simply log in and click on the event you fancy. If you encounter any technical hitches or forget your password, use the password reminder on the website or email hello@She-Enjoys.co.uk and we will find a way to book you on to the meeting.

+-What happens if I can't attend an event and already I've paid?

As we pre-publish the event dates for at least 3 months in advance, we hope that you will be able to attend. If however you are not able to visit, and provide email notice 3 days (72 hours) prior to the next meeting, your payment will be rolled over to the next meeting (or one of your choice depending on availability). 

We are usually required by each venue to confirm and pay for your space 72 hours prior, therefore after this time no transfer is possible. You are very welcome to choose a female substitute as long as you let us know so that we can greet her on your behalf.

Refunds will only be given as an option if meetings are cancelled by She-Enjoys or their venues.

+-How can I pay without doing it on your website?
  • You can pay by GoCardless, a fabulous direct debit system which provides total security by connecting your bank woth ours and taking a 'ONE TIME' direct debit. Once you are set up; upon log in to She-Enjoys, you will be offered GoCardless as your option INSTEAD of by credit/debit card. Please email us to get set up.
  • We accept cash in advance
  • We accept cheques, however they must be received 7 working days prior to the event to allow for bank clearance
  • You can transfer funds directly to our bank account. Please email us for our bank details and to secure your place quoting the meeting you wish to attend so that we can reserve your place. 
+-What if I don't have a PayPal account?

You do not need a PayPal account to use the PayPal payment gateway. PayPal simply acts as a secure host and service provider to transact money from your credit/debit card to our bank account. Click on the pay button and add your card details as you would any other website.

+-What is GoCardless?

We love this commonly used, safe, simple and secure payment system that takes a one time direct debit payment directly from your account to ours. This will need to be set up by us, please contact us if you would like to ALWAYS use this method.

Once set up, when you click the logo link on the event, it requests the amount you are paying from your bank directly from your bank, just once!

With your account number and sort code details, a ‘one time’ direct debit instruction is given and funds transfer from your account to GoCardless, then to ours. This is FREE to you and saves you messing around credit/debit cards, bank transfers/BACS or cheques and allows us to see in real time when pay and book.

If you have any questions, please ask 01933 461 086 or visit the Go Cardless website.

+-Can I pay on the door?

Unfortunately not, unless by prior arrangement with She-Enjoys.

Places are limited to a maximum of 50 (less in some venues), they tend to book up fast and we would hate for somebody to be disappointed. Book now to make sure you get a space. 

+-Will I get a receipt to put through my business accounts?

Yes when you book, you will be emailed a receipt.

When you create your FREE profile, you will use your email address and create a password. There's an attendee area which has a delegate list for each meeting you book and also your payment receipt. You'll also find special offers and information there too. 

+-What should I bring or wear?

We wear smart casual/business attire - whatever you are comfortable in. All you need to bring is an open mind, enthusiasm and first attention to the other members throughout the day. We provide pens, pads, food, drink and inspiration! Oh, bring some business cards/promotional materials and CAKE is always very welcome!

Some of our venues, which are often Golf Clubs, have a dress code policy of no blue jeans or trainers, so if in doubt, don't wear those please!

+-What if I have special dietary requirements or any other facilities needs?

Please advise us by email, at time of booking and we are sure that our specially chosen venues will be able to accommodate your needs be them with food, drink or entry/comfort facilities. Whatever you need, we want you to have so that you truly enjoy your experience.

+-What if I have to leave early or arrive late?

That is fine, we understand that life happens! You will just simply miss some of the fabulous stuff, but your table group will undoubtedly support your life requirements and ensure you get the most from it and will fill you in on what you missed via the Facebook Group.

+-Is FREE parking and wifi available?

All venues are hand chosen to be out of town locations with ample parking at the venue. There will always be free wifi and plenty of refreshments and food.

+-Are there any terms and conditions to attendance?

Many of the necessary humanistic rules are on this page. These are created to ensure confidentiality, respect and the smooth running of She-Enjoys development events, coaching sessions and expert education events. Other than that, we are all adults and respected business women. We would expect that any issues within the group would be relayed to the She-Enjoys HQ team, or resolved with individuals to a satisfactory standard. If in doubt, please do get in touch.

We expect continued harmony at all times and so far, we absolutely have a supportive, safe and open environment. The founder of She-Enjoys reserves the right to not accept a booking to ensure that the energy and environment remains this way.

Women only attendees, means exactly that. Only individuals that identify as female are able to attend She-Enjoys events. If you are in any way unsure if this includes you, please email hello@She-Enjoys.co.uk as we are an LGBTQ friendly and non discriminating organisation, here to support rather then exclude.

+-Can I join the Facebook Group without attending an event

Yes absolutely.

Sometimes, it is nice to get to know people before booking an event. That way you will feel more confortable and at home when you arrive with familiar faces. FREE to join. It is very active, mptovational, educational and inspirational. 

She-Enjoys... Business Facebook support group helps you keep in touch with people you have met at events, collaborate with, build lasting relationships with and... network online with those you have yet to meet!

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