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THE Supportive community for motivated women in business to grow, learn & thrive
viv welcomeProvocative Transformation Coach, Business Mentor & Founder of She-Enjoys; welcomes you to get out of your own way to enjoy your life and business!

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We Need Coaches

Are you an aspiring, newly qualified or experienced Coach, Mentor or Trainer of personal and business development?

Are you fed up of marketing, social media hussle, selling your soul, chasing payments and riding the cashflow rollercoaster - when all you want to do is help people, have a balanced life and earn decent money?

How would you like to run your own business alongside a circle of talented and successful She-Enjoys Coaches; supporting each other, whilst being mentored by MasterCoach & Trainer Vivienne Joy?

Become THE She-Enjoys Coach for your region - be trained, coached and mentored to create your own clients for a deep dive one year transformation programme and Group Coaching Mastermind to convert clients with ease:- Get the content, workbooks, website pages, social platforms, CRM, marketing templates and even business cards done for you - a READY MADE Business and brand to use, all you need is an internet connection, a phone and a desire to help people...

Send a message now to find out more and discuss the possibilities... You find just 12 clients per year to earn a £30k basic salary for just a few days work per month and can focus on inspiring, educating, motivating and supporting female business owners within our collaborative community and enjoying your life and business!

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Be a She-Enjoys Coach:

  • Affordable upfront 'financial & time' investment to get a 'ready made' business & earn a good annual income and truly help business women local to you
  • You will be highly visible on the She-Enjoys website, She-Learns Academy and social platforms, through our collaborative sales & marketing approach
  • You can hold your own She-Enjoys Group Coaching events and get training on how and what - boosting your income further
  • You will be an active, supported and respected part of a female entrepreneur development community and a mastermind with high level, visible She-Enjoys Coaches.

To qualify to be a She-Enjoys Coach, the area must be available, and you will:-

  • Already be a Coach, Mentor, key inspirer or Trainer in a business environment or personal development. We will consider Life Coaches, Empowerment Coaches, Shamanic Teachers, Sales Trainers, NLP Masters, Business Coaches, Mindset Coaches, Online Marketing Trainers, PR Trainers, to name a few... 
  • Be able to invest on the set-up and be willing to work for at least 3 days per month on your She-Enjoys business (12 month agreement with a low % of revenue as a monthly commission)
  • Actively promote your She-Enjoys business on your travels through networking, events and other marketing
  • Ideally have your own workshops, products or training that you can deliver/promote to the She-Enjoys community to give you the 6-figure income you desire
  • Have a supportive, collaborative, motivational, inspirational nature
  • Have an entrepreneurial spirit and truly want to collaborate and help the female business community

Be an Expert Guest to have an audience of business women...

We are sure you have something special to deliver to the She-Enjoys community and we woud love to welcome you.

You must have the capability to present to, engage, educate and hold space for a room full of women business owners and bring them new information to support their personal or business development journey.

This is an unpaid and free opportunity to gain exposure and experience. A great opportunity to be with female entrepreneurs and demonstrate your 'thing', show your talent, build relationships and promote what more you can do for them by way of your products, training or services.

Would you like to be considered as a She-Enjoys Coach or Expert Guest?

Please complete the form specifying which geographical areas you would like to be visible in and what your theme would be called and cover, what is your 'thing' and how will it help us all?

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